9 Tools are Essential to the Modern Crossdresser's Closet

9 Tools are Essential to the Modern Crossdresser’s Closet

Not yet ready for surgery? Or maybe you’re just looking for the latest in gender-defying fashion. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, transgender or simply curious: No matter where you are on your journey of self-discovery, these nine tools are essential to the modern cross dresser’s closet.

9 Tools are Essential to the Modern Crossdresser's Closet

1: Corsets
Whether you’re role playing or looking for an everyday body shape, corsets are a great way to bring out your inner lioness. Go with an under bust corset for a sexy look or a full German corset to make your partner’s jaw drop!

2: Padded Panties
Bring sexy back with a pair of padded panties. This female prosthesis are made with silicone pads to round out your curves while employing a flexible nylon/spandex blend for a comfortable fit no matter what your size.

3: Breast Forms
For a full-body transformation, nothing will change your silhouette quite like a pair of breast forms. Some specialty shops, even offer asymmetrical varieties for a ultra-realistic look.

4: Stockings
Knock ’em dead with a pair of black stockings that leave nothing to the imagination. Wear them under a skirt as a flirty tease, or take it all off and showcase your assets with something sheer and back seamed.

5: Waist Cinchers
Nothing says feminine like a tiny waist, so hold your breath and squeeze into a waist cinching garment that will give you that perfect hourglass shape. You can also buy them as garters for extra support or a fuller figure.

6: Miniskirts
The little black dress of the modern fashionista, miniskirts are bold, daring and perfect for everyone from the questioning office worker to the out-and-proud trans woman. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, especially with leather!

7: Cleavage Creators
If you aren’t quite ready for the heavy-duty gear, a simple cleavage creator will allow you to give your ladies a lift without expensive or time-consuming preparation. Just slide it on like a bra to enjoy some brand new Bs or Cs.

8: Wigs
Use a wig to look in the mirror and see someone completely different. They can offer instant and dramatic results that are nonetheless completely temporary.

9: High Heels
Because every self-respecting cross dresser has at least one pair of heels! Let them be your muse, your inspiration. They’re a symbol of everything you weren’t born with but what you can now claim as your own. It doesn’t matter what’s under your clothes, just what’s in your heart… and on your feet.